The Food

Australians are only just discovering the delicious flavours of Sea Urchin Roe which is popular from Mediterranean, Japanese, and Korean cuisines.

Sea Urchin Roe is easy to prepare and can be utilised in complex dishes promoted in fine dining or quick and simple meals at home.

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Sea Urchins have a similar nutritional profile as most seafood. High in amino acids creates a low caloric value it is a great option for healthy hearts. Eating food rich of omega-3 are shown to reduce heart disease and stroke.

Packed full of zinc and protein, both important minerals in building strength and improving immunity. This simple delicacy should be a staple in everyone’s diet.

Photos by: @love.fishBarangaroo


The Future

With the increase in global population and the decline of sustainable land based protein, there is a requirement to turn to the oceans in search of sustainable protein resources.

Sea Urchins are the perfect solution.