7th October  “A Taste of NSW Abalone” Eden Visitors Centre

Local chef David Arens of Free Range Catering will be catering for:
Eden Whale Festival
Abalone Function


Abalone sashimi on squid ink cracker, wakame salad
Abalone and choy sum and sesame roast pumpkin gyoza
Soy and star anise braised abalone with pickled cucumber wasabi mayo

Abalone tostada, chilli lime abalone, avocado, chipotle

More Substantial

Abalone and mussel paella
Abalone kara’age slider with white radish and snow pea salad
Steamed abalone croissant
Abalone san choy bow
A taste of NSW


Abalone At Alba

13th October ABALONE AT ALBA Noosa Heads

 Wild Catch Coming Home

An evening of seafood decadence from renowned chef Peter Kuravita at ALBA NOOSA will feature abalone and sea urchin roe in a degustation delight
Abalone At Alba
An evening of seafood decadence, featuring wild-caught sustainable Australian seafood, matched with premium wines and industry knowledge is set to descend on Alba by Kuruvita at Noosa Heads. Penny Brand dives in to find out more.

Long considered a delicacy for its extremely rich, flavourful and highly-prized meat, abalone is a superfood unto its own. It is considered amongst the world’s most expensive seafood and is illegal to harvest without a licence.

Thanks to a new initiative from Abalone Association of New South Wales, (AANSW) wild-caught abalone, carefully harvested by experienced divers from the cool clean waters of southern Australia, is set to be more accessible than ever.